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Welcome to

Heury Rances

Our New Music Director

Here's Heury's introduction in his own words:


I've been playing piano for eleven years now, and under the tutorship of Joshua Gan for six or so years up to this day. I have experience in various styles of music such as classical music, contemporary music, and different variations of jazz and Latin music. My experience in music includes playing as the bassist for Kelvin High School's senior jazz band, my normal piano lessons and recitals, and I was a bass/tenor for the St. Edward Catholic Church's choir for a couple years. I've been involved in several bands throughout the high school and somewhat in middle school as well. I personally love latin styles of music such as bossa nova, afro blues, and samba/mamba music.

I very much enjoy talking to people and having conversations with them. I love having discussions about anything. I most especially love building meaningful relationships with those around me be it friends or loved ones. Personally, I value the connections I and others have between other people as a treasure that stays with you your whole life.


That's all I can think of at the moment.

Thanks, Huery Rances

We all look forward to making some beautiful music together!

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