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St. Francis Anglican Church

253 Burrin Ave 

 Winnipeg, MB, R2V 1E6 

Tel: 204-334-6753


Hall Rentals


We are pleased to be able to offer our Burrin hall for rental.  This hall is handicapped accessible and has a kitchen.


Casual Hall Rates are as follows:


$100 No Alcohol served


$150 If Alcohol is served, Liquor License must be obtained (for information on Liquor licenses please see the link at the bottom of the page).


ALL renters must purchase 3rd party liability insurance provided by the diocese.  Casual rate (non-sporting events):


                          No Alchohol       Alcohol Served


1-25 people           $25                    $100


26-100 people       $50                    $175 


There are special rates for meetings etc. per schedule in the diocesan handbook.  A quote can be obtained prior.


Damage Deposit of $150 is refunded if no damage is done to the hall.  


Please use the form above to contact us if you would like to rent one of our halls.

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